Community groups are Wednesdays at 6:30PM at North Morro Church.  

What is the purpose of these community groups?


This is by no means an exhaustive list but to give you some insight into community groups: community groups help people find belonging in the church.  Often times in a church with community groups, you will hear someone say "my community group…"  Community groups help members have ownership and are a place where they can find belonging. 

Community groups are also a place where the Bible is taught.  This will be a Bible study time.  Community groups are also for fellowship.  They are a time to get together with members of the church other than Sundays.  Community group time is a time to build relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ: not just a surface relationship but a meaningful worthwhile relationship with other believers.  Its purpose is to become friends and eventually become the family (community) that God wants us to be. 

Community group is a place to invite friends and show those friends the love of Christ. Community groups help you grow in the knowledge of God as well.  By being in close relationship with other believers you will get to see God work in other peoples' lives constantly reminding you that God is powerful and he is at work.  These groups are a time and a place to also serve others.  We get to come together to care and serve one another.  Most importantly, the purpose of community groups is to glorify God. 

In doing all of the things listed above, we glorify God.  Therefore, the true purpose of community groups are to glorify God.

If you want to get involved in a community group click here and email us or call 805-772-2466.  

What to expect when you come to North MOrro Church

At North Morro Church we want our guests and members to feel welcome and comfortable. When you arrive you can expect to see some people in shorts, t-shirts, or sandals and some people in dress clothes. There will be people of all ages that will be at service. We will begin our service at 10:30 with a time of music and worship, then the pastor will give a biblical message. There will be children's church for children of all ages. Following this, we will sing a closing song. Services aren't always set in stone and can change. We are very flexible. If you have infants and toddlers we have a room just off the worship center that you can hear and see service.